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We have been working hard to re-invent ourselves in the reptile breeding hobby and profession and are finally ready to debut our new projects. Everything else customers have come to expect from us will forever remain unchanged. We will continue to provide top-notch animals and offer some of the best customer service in the business. Our commitment to our animals does not stop at the sale. Our goal is to produce outstanding animals and deliver them to caring and happy customers. We are proud to have such a high volume of repeat customers each year and feel that this fact alone says much about our animals and our business!

The projects we have decided to focus on are highlighted here on this website. While many people know us for our long-term carpet python projects, we have decided to retire from that arena and focus our concentration on the projects depicted on this site. To that end, we are approaching EVERY one of our current projects with the same attention to detail, passion, and excitement with which we have focused our efforts on Jungle Carpet Pythons for the last 15 years. Each project hosts "the best of the best" breeders, all that we have personally selected and that meet our extremely picky preferences. We take pride in each and every animal and we expect you to be able to open a package from us and feel that you got a great animal, honestly marketed, and professionally packaged and delivered.  The projects we have decided to work with represent animals that we have long enjoyed and kept "on and off" for the last decade.  These are tested species that offer characteristics that we find appealing and desirable.  By limiting our projects, we are able to maintain a small, very concentrated collection which permits us to experiment with each species selective breeding potential.

Please take your time to explore the site and feel free to contact us with any questions about projects or specific animals we have for sale. Use the navigation bar above to travel to the various project and available pages, and be sure to visit our Terms and Conditions page for complete terms of sale and shipping procedures. This page will be a long-term work in progress, so please check back often and forgive any incomplete areas that may currently exist.

Best of luck to all of you and your breeding adventures!


~ Matt and Nicci Turner